Air conditioning woes |

Air conditioning woes

by Teri Vance, Appeal Staff Writer
David Thompson complains from his driveway about the noise emitted from an air conditioning unit atop WNCC.

David Thompson has had trouble sleeping this summer — but it’s not because of the recent heat wave.

Instead, he says the constant hum of Western Nevada Community College’s air conditioning unit makes relaxing difficult and sleeping nearly impossible.

“It’s quite an eye-opener,” he said. “The minute it comes on at 6:30 in the morning, I wake up. They don’t shut it off until 10:30 at night.”

College spokesman Mike Greenan said officials tested the noise level of the unit and found it to be below code requirements.

However, he said bids have been sent out to secure a contractor to increase insulation and decrease the decibels.

“We decided to insulate it even more to keep the neighbors happy,” he said. “I walk up there on a regular basis to take pictures of the progress of the observatory and I’ve never noticed the sound.”

Thompson said the noise level varies from a loud rumble to a constant hum depending on wind conditions and other factors.

“It’s just one of those noises you can’t get out of your head,” he said. “It’s a constant pounding on my cerebral cortex.”

Despite promises of increased insulation, Thompson argues college officials treated him brusquely and he doubts the problem will be righted.

“The college has not been very cooperative — I’m sure I’ll be doing all of this again next year,” he said. “I spent a lot of money for this house and I have the right to a certain amount of peace and quiet.

“No one told me there was going to be a noisy piece of equipment.”

Thompson, 56, moved to Carson City about a year ago. His house sits behind the college on West Nye Lane, near the site for the planned Jack C. Davis Observatory.

Thompson said if the noisy air conditioner is not quieted, he plans to circulate a petition around his neighborhood and would consider a civil lawsuit.