Airport revenue under spotlight |

Airport revenue under spotlight

John Barrette

Discussion about how to boost airport revenue via something other than hangars led off Wednesday’s Carson City Airport Authority board meeting.

Chairman Guy Williams, who had wanted the discussion, said the agenda item would be carried forward in part because three members of the seven-member board are leaving the authority, so new members will be in place to pick up the discussion next month.

“We’ve been thinking about hangars forever,” Williams said. “There are a lot of things that go into this.”

Teresa DiLoreto-Long suggested a multi-purpose community structure that might include a restaurant. Karl Hutter called that a good idea, but also floated one about a manufacturing business. Williams mentioned some type of business that would have a connection to airports and aerospace, saying composite materials were one idea.

There also has been talk about a terminal-community structure.

Williams said he would explore ways to get airport tenants and others involved in brainstorming options.

Don Peterson, a former member of the authority, urged better customer service and presented the authority with a bill for $63.36 because phase one apron project work resulted in inconvenience regarding leased hangar space. After making his point, he withdrew the bill.

Authority members agreed in part with his point but declined to honor the request because it would set a precedent, and others might try for such changes in lease arrangements and reductions. The apron work will cost $2.7 million, funded mostly by federal funds, and be finished next year.

The trio leaving the board got plaques and thank-yous from Williams. The three members attending their last meeting were DiLoreto-Long, Harlow Norvell and Ray English.