Allan Christianson elected as new chairman for the Regional Planning Commission |

Allan Christianson elected as new chairman for the Regional Planning Commission

Amanda Hammon

Members of the Regional Planning Commission elected a new chairman Monday, in wake of Chairman Verne Horton’s announcement that he is running for public office.

Horton steps down from the position effective Dec. 7. He will be running for supervisor in Ward 4, a position occupied by Supervisor Kay Bennett for 11 years.

Allan Christianson, a 6 year veteran of the planning commission, was voted to be chairman. Alan Rogers, also a 6 year veteran of the commission, will act as vice chairman.

“It’s a great opportunity to continue with future planning for a city that will have different types of growing pains in the the next ten years,” Christianson said.

Christianson, an agent with New York Life, is a Los Angeles native and Carson City resident of 20 years.

Rogers, a Salt Lake City native, has lived in Carson City for 14 years and is the state public safety technical division chief.

Rogers said he thought affordable housing and quality of life would be two things the planning commission would have to find a way to reconcile in the future.

Both men are up for reappointment in 2001.

Horton said while he enjoyed working with the other six members of the commission, he felt his jump into the political arena would represent a conflict of interest in planning commission decisions.

Horton said service on the planning commission made him aware of many of the issues facing Carson City. He said he would like to contribute to planning the city’s future.

“I’m an advocate of the phrase that Carson City will be something in 20 years,” Horton said. “Whether it’s something we want or something we’re going to get, we can’t wait 19 years and six months to say, ‘wait, this isn’t what we wanted. We need to be proactive and look at where it is we want to be and how we’re going to get there.”

A 14-year Carson resident, Horton has served on the commission for 5 years, three of them as chairman.

Commissioners on Carson City’s 7-member Regional Planning Commission serve a 4-year term. Applications for appointment to the commission can be picked up at 201 N. Carson St., Carson City, Nev. 89701. Applications can be faxed to 887-2067. Contact Judy Fisher or Sami Clark at 887-2103 for information.