Allegedly armed robber hits South Lake bank |

Allegedly armed robber hits South Lake bank

Susan Wood, Appeal News Service

According to police, the man approached a teller with a note demanding money. The robber escaped from the west side of the parking lot. No weapon was seen, but one bank clerk said the man implied he was armed. For safety reasons, the clerk’s identity was not revealed.

Police conducted a search for the individual, but as of press time he had not been found. The suspect is described as a white male in his 30s and more than 6 feet tall. He was of average weight and balding with short brown hair and a mustache. He wore a blue shirt, ring and watch. Witnesses also said he had a dark backpack on his shoulder.

Twenty-three minutes after the robbery, four patrol cars rushed to Bank of the West’s Highway 50 branch after an alarm went off. It turned out to be false, and units returned to El Dorado Savings.

“Sometimes people do that,” said police Sgt. Alex Schumacher, referring to the possibility of multiple robberies in one area.

Scores of people pulled into the parking lot to conduct last-minute bank business, only to find a “closed due to a robbery” sign on the door. The sign is routine after robberies.

“I want to make one, but I don’t know. I heard someone has already made an impromptu withdrawal,” customer Bert Spivy quipped.

The El Dorado Savings Bank on Al Tahoe Boulevard was robbed less than two months ago. That suspect also disappeared into the woods.

Anyone with information on the incident should call police Detective Mark Tappen (530) 542-6100, the FBI at (530) 542-4140 or Secret Witness at (530) 541-6800.