AMA adopts new policy against anti-aging hormones |

AMA adopts new policy against anti-aging hormones

CHICAGO (AP) – The American Medical Association says there’s no scientific proof to back up the claims of anti-aging hormones.

At their annual meeting in Chicago on Monday, AMA delegates adopted a new policy on products such as HGH, DHEA and testosterone used as aging remedies.

With HGH, the AMA says evidence suggests long-term use can present more risks than benefits. The risks include tissue swelling and diabetes.

And the AMA says there’s no credible evidence that other hormones, so-called bio-identicals, are safer than traditional estrogen and progesterone products.

The traditional hormones are only recommended for menopause symptoms at the lowest possible dose because of long-term health risks.

The AMA says anti-aging hormone promoters need to rigorous studies to prove, or disprove, their claims.