Angel in red honored for helping accident victims en route to prom |

Angel in red honored for helping accident victims en route to prom

Dylan Riley, Appeal Staff Writer

An angel in red who aided two boys injured in a Gardnerville car accident was honored by medical personnel for her efforts on Friday.

Care Flight honored Tina Le Claire at a ceremony held on the Care Flight Helipad at Carson Valley Mecial Center in Gardnerville.

Kelvin Wilkinson, operations manager for Care Flight, presented Tina with a Life Saver Award plaque and a certificate for her efforts in assisting two boys involved in an auto accident May 30.

Tina, 17, was going to her Douglas High School prom when she saw the accident and stopped to assist — in her red prom dress.

“We were on our way to the prom from the Ranchos and I told my boyfriend to slow down as we approached the accident,” Tina said. “Then I put my gloves on and stabilized Rick Miller’s head.”

Rick Miller, 16, had his head in the lap of his brother Shawn, 7, at the scene of the accident.

Tina, who has emergency medical training, stabilized Rick’s head while lifting him off Shawn’s lap. Shawn was strapped in a booster seat and complaining of back pain.

Le Claire cared for them until East Fork Fire paramedics and Care Flight arrived.

“They were still in shock, so I tried to calm them down,” the Indian Hills resident said.

Rick was driving south on Highway 88 in a Dodge Colt after leaving the Carson Valley Swim Center about 8 p.m. when he struck the front of a sport utility driven by 17-year-old Gardnerville resident Christine Valentine, who was traveling north on Highway 88.

The SUV spun counterclockwise and flipped over in a pasture.

Laura Valentine, 41, of Gardnerville, a passenger in the sport utility, was hurt.

Rick, a Douglas High School student, received 13 stitches, sprained an ankle and broke a wrist.

Shawn, a C.C. Meneley Elementary student, sustained neck injuries and his bowels shut down for a short time, sending him back to the emergency room.

Shawn told his mother, Debbie Miller, that Le Claire was an angel.

“I’m glad you guys turned out OK,” Le Claire said. “God sent me there for a reason.”

“We go to the same school,” Rick said. “I’m thankful she was there. She basically saved my life.”

Le Claire continued to her prom after paramedics and Care Flight arrived.