Angle launches new, scaled-down website |

Angle launches new, scaled-down website


Sharron Angle launched a new website Thursday with a slimmed-down version of many policy positions the Republican U.S. Senate candidate took on her former web page.

Sen. Harry Reid’s campaign responded by launching a copy of Angle’s old website on Thursday – renamed – and accused her handlers of purposely excluding some of the candidate’s positions and endorsements.

Angle’s new official site,, features a photo of Angle and her husband as well as a prominent button asking for donations, which indicates she has so far raised $1.37 million, just shy of her $1.5 million goal.

There are differences between her old and new sites, namely a missing endorsements page and an edited, scaled-down version of her issues page.

For starters, the new website makes no mention of Angle’s position on Yucca Mountain. Her former website featured a section detailing Angle’s support for keeping the nuclear repository open, a position she reinforced on Tuesday’s “Face to Face with Jon Ralston,” where she said Nevada could make “lemonade out of lemons” with the project.

Other examples include Angle’s position on border security and illegal immigration, which on her old website was four paragraphs long and called for an increased military presence on the border and blocking any government benefits for those living in the country illegally.

Now, her take on border security and illegal immigration has been boiled down to one sentence: “The United States must secure its borders immediately and enforce the laws that are already on the books.”

Also, Angle’s call to abolish the U.S. Department of Education on her old website is nowhere to be found on her new one. But her call to repeal the health care reform legislation is consistent between both sites and so is her position on Social Security, which includes keeping the system intact for current beneficiaries while creating “personalized” retirement accounts for young workers who are currently paying into the system.

In a statement released Thursday, Reid’s campaign said the copy of the former website will allow voters “to view her dangerous and radical ideas.”

“Obviously, Sharron Angle’s new handlers are as alarmed by the prospect of promoting Angle’s extreme and dangerous agenda for Nevada as most mainstream voters will be when they learn her true views,” said Reid spokeswoman Kelly Steele.

Angle spokesman Jerry Stacy said the website is new and more will be added later.

“We were just in a hurry to get something up,” he said, adding, “Nothing has changed about Sharron Angle … Rather than debate on the real issues that affect Nevada, Reid would rather hide behind these attack ads.”

Angle’s former website was taken down after she won the June 8 GOP primary race.

Since then, the former Nevada assemblywoman has met with Republican party officials and hired a media firm that helped elect Republican Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., to the former seat of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy.