Angle may pursue legal action against Reid over website |

Angle may pursue legal action against Reid over website


Sharron Angle said she may pursue legal action after the Nevada Democratic Party reposted her pre-primary website online Tuesday afternoon.

The Republican Senate candidate made her comments on the Heidi Harris Show in Las Vegas Wednesday morning.

“We are going to pursue it, I don’t think Harry is above the law,” Angle said.

She said her website is her intellectual property.

“So they can’t use something that’s your intellectual property unless they pay you for it or ask your permission,” Angle said.

“He has basically broken the law and we told him to cease and desist and now the (Nevada Democratic Party) has taken it and they’re putting it up,” she said. “The law is the law.”

The tussle started when Angle launched a new campaign website last Thursday. Sen. Harry Reid’s campaign accused her of “scrubbing” her issues page and relaunched a copy of her former website.

Angle responded by sending the Reid camp a cease and desist letter, which resulted in the Reid campaign taking down the copied website over the weekend. But on Tuesday, the Nevada Democratic Party reposted the website at

Reid’s campaign said their Republican challenger had removed some of her political positions from her website. For example, her new website makes no mention of her calls to keep the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository open.

While on Harris’ show Wednesday, Angle said, “there’s nothing (on the copied website) that everybody doesn’t know, it was up the whole primary.”

But Reid’s campaign said again on Wednesday that Angle was trying to “censor” herself by pursuing legal action to shut down the copied website.

“The reality is, Angle’s handlers pulled down nearly 3,000 words of text from her original, pre-primary website that outlined her extreme agenda,” the campaign said in a statement.

Angle also appeared on the Bill Manders Show in Reno last week, and said she has “softened” since winning the June 8 primary.

“We’re in a general election, and they’re demanding things,” Angle told Manders. “Today I actually softened because I’m being held accountable for every idle word, as you know.”