Another day to bring the Holocaust into consciousness |

Another day to bring the Holocaust into consciousness

Carson City

Gov. Kenny Guinn issued a proclamation Thursday to coincide with the United Nations’ Holocaust Remembrance Day today.

It will mark the first time the United Nations has formally recognized a specific day in remembrance of the millions of people who lost their lives or were held captive by German forces in concentration camps during World War II.

“This special day to call attention to the plight of millions of people of the Jewish faith and many others is long overdue by the United Nations,” Guinn said.

“The unspeakable crimes that were committed during the reign of terror in the Nazi concentration camps is something people around the world need to remember so history does not repeat itself.”

Rabbi Jonathan Freirich, of Temple Bat Yam in South Lake Tahoe and Minden, welcomed the proclamation.

“There are a number of days on the Jewish calendar in which we already remember the Holocaust,” Freirich said. “The Holocaust is so much in many cases already a part of American Jewish consciousness.”

Freirich said he agrees with Guinn’s sentiment and that it’s significant the United Nations is finally recognizing it.

“It makes perfect sense to me,” Freirich said.