Antique Oldsmobiles from across country gather in Minden |

Antique Oldsmobiles from across country gather in Minden

by Kurt Hildebrand
Woody Davis, museum tour guide, educates members of the National Antique Oldsmobile Club on the mining process of gold and silver ore extraction on Thursday at the Nevada State Museum.
Brad Coman | Nevada Appeal

Don’t be surprised if an Oldsmobile that predates the founding of Minden is touring the town on Saturday.

The National Antique Oldsmobile Club is holding a national meet in Minden this week, which was organized by Carson Valley rancher Doug Hone.

About 50 antique Oldsmobiles including a 1902 Curb Dash and a 1916 Open Touring Car are participating in the event.

The tour arrived on Wednesday and spent Thursday at the Northern Nevada Railroad Museum and the Nevada State Museum.

Hone said people drove their Oldsmobiles across the nation to attend the meet.

“We’ve got people here who drove their cars from Virginia and Ohio, you name it,” Hone said.

Ransom E. Olds’ grandchildren are participating and were at the Nevada State Museum on Thursday for the minting of a 99-percent proof silver medallion featuring Ransom E. Olds and three directors driving a low dash model in 1897.

Only 100 of the medallions will be struck.

A proposed trip to visit the Harrah’s Collection at the National Automobile Museum on Friday had to be canceled.

The auto museum was the victim of an arsonist on June 20. Reno Police have someone in custody in connection with that and two other similar incidents.

On Saturday, the Oldsmobiles will be in Minden for national judging. The Carson Valley Inn is serving as headquarters for the meet.