Appeal boys ‘smoked’ but battling on |

Appeal boys ‘smoked’ but battling on

by Teri Vance, Appeal Staff Writer
Nevada newsmen, from left, Karl Horeis, Jeremy Evans, Rick Gunn and K.M. Cannon pose on the Tahoe Rim Trail near Tahoe City 16 miles into Day Two of a 10-day athletic challenge Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2002. The day included 40 miles of mountain biking and 12 miles of hiking. Day Two ended at Tahoe Meadows on Mount Rose Hwy. Photo by Izzy Luna

The Nevada Appeal adventurers faced their first setback Tuesday when K.M. Cannon broke the front shocks on his bike.

“It’s breaking my heart,” Las Vegas Review-Journal photographer Cannon said. “I was really strong. I either need a new bike or new forks.”

He’s hoping to get a replacement soon, but in the meantime Appeal copy editor and fellow adventurer Karl Horeis used duct tape to keep the bike in commission.

The four athletes traveled by foot and bicycle up 38 rocky miles, climbing at least 5,000 feet over Barker Pass to Brockway Summit.

They took a break around 3 p.m. when Appeal reporter Geoff Dornan met them with turkey sandwiches, water and other needed relief.

“He brought an oxygen bottle up here and we’re all taking hits off it,” explained Appeal photographer Rick Gunn. “Everybody is smoked.”

After their break, they planned to bike and hike 19 more miles before ending the day in the Mount Rose Wilderness sometime after 11 p.m.

“I’m completely wasted,” Gunn said. “I don’t even know if I can do another hour. I felt strong earlier, but now I don’t know.”

However, Horeis was more optimistic.

“Rick’s just being dramatic — he’ll make it,” Horeis said. “Today’s a big day, but if we can get beyond today, we’ll be in pretty good shape. We’re ready to keep on rockin’.”

Despite his positive outlook, Horeis said the trip so far has been difficult. After completing the first 32 miles Tuesday, he said he nearly fainted once they returned to their camp for the evening.

Nevada Appeal sportswriter Jeremy Evans, Horeis, Gunn and Cannon are attempting to complete 10 challenges laid out by the Nevada Commission on Tourism in 10 days.

They plan to bike and hike the remainder of the 165-mile Tahoe Rim and Flume trails over the next two days and set out Friday to accomplish the remaining seven challenges by Aug. 14.

The challenges were outlined as part of the Nevada: Bring it On campaign designed to draw attention to Nevada’s outdoor adventure sites.

Quote of the day: “Just shoot me,” Rick Gunn, 7:51 p.m. at Rose Knob with at least three hours of hiking still ahead.