Appeal forum room draws crowd of more than 300 |

Appeal forum room draws crowd of more than 300

Staff reports
Chad Lundquist/Nevada AppealDennis Kucinich, D- Ohio, talks with the media at the Nevada Appeal earlier today.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich prepared for today’s noon forum with an impromptu pep rally at the Nevada Appeal.

He and New Nexico Gov. Bill Richardson stopped in before the crowd of about 300 to shake hands with attendees and share their thoughts.

Richardson, who followed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to the podium pledged to be the first presidential candidate to accept the debate set for August in Reno and to debate in Searchlight ” even if the debate is between just he and Reid.

Kucinich shouted to the crowd “Do you hear me Nevada? Are you ready for change Nevada? Are you ready for health care Nevada? Are you ready for peace Nevada? Are you ready for Kucinich Nevada?”

All questions were answered by a resounding yes by a crowd standing on its feet.

Sen. Hillary Clinton spent the morning with Nevada’s legislative leadership and getting tea at Comma Coffee. She is now at the community center for the start of the first presidential forum of the 2008 race.

The senator from New York is expected to stop by the Nevada Appeal following the forum.

ABC moderator George Stephanopoulos opened the forum by misprounouncing Nevada during his introduction of Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd.