Arby’s owner warns about catering scam |

Arby’s owner warns about catering scam

Nick Coltrain

Daryl Reedy, owner of the Arby’s on Carson Street, said he’s seen variations on the same scam three times this year: Someone places a large catering order and then tries to tack on extra charges to the bill and have the caterer wire back the difference, ostensibly to pay another caterer.

One example featured a person calling up and claiming to represent a grandmother hosting her granddaughter’s birthday party with 250 guests. First thing to tip off Reedy was that is was a Louisiana phone number.

“I don’t think you do catering for Louisiana from Carson City too frequently,” he said.

Not to mention it was a kid’s party where all 250 people wanted salad, he said. The person gave him a credit card number he assumed was stolen, but was surprisingly valid. The scammer wanted $600 wired to an account in Arkansas to pay another service provider. He said another came via email, asking for $2,500 worth of sandwiches and $1,800 to be transferred. along with it.