Area residents owed money by IRS |

Area residents owed money by IRS

Becky Bosshart

The Internal Revenue Service would like to reunite Northern Nevadans with owed tax returns, said an IRS spokesman.

Twenty-five Carson City residents are owed $24,160 in amounts ranging from $1,000 to $6,000. Nationwide, 87,485 taxpayers are owed $73 million. Statewide, 1,321 residents are owed $1.4 million.

Raphael Tulino, an IRS spokesman, said the income-tax refund checks can be reissued as soon as taxpayers correct or update their addresses with the IRS. Refund checks are usually undeliverable because of an address change.

Taxpayers who moved since filing their last tax return can change their address with the IRS by filing form 8822. Download the form from or request it by calling 1-800-tax-form. The IRS toll-free assistance line is 1-800-829-1040.

Carson City residents owed tax returns, and last known ZIP code:

Barbara J. Gray 89702

Pauline N. Johnson 89706

Susan E. Adams 89507 who is listed three times

James E. Dryba 89706

Lindsay Milne 89701

Clifford and Pamela Scott 89705

Ross E. Britton 89706

Arthur David Eagale 89706

Brad E. Berlow 89706

Jon Duke 89704

Gary D. Brooks 89701

Brian M. Wilson 89701

Christiann S. Cherry 89701

Heather Morris 89706

Roy E. Adair 89721

Sean A. Thorpe 89706

Josh S. Wolfcale 89702

Gerald and Jeannette K. Doran 89721

Juan Guerrero 89705

Enrique Gonzalez Montes 89701

Cindy D. Rolles 89701

Mike M. and Alicia R. Kalember 89702

Dale R. and Susan Brown 89706

Dayton residents owed tax returns:

Kaitlen McKinnon

Duane V. Ball

Larry E. and Lois J. Nelson

Erik D. Adams

Ronald G. Wampole

Fallon residents owed tax returns:

Thomas Floyd

Flora B. Jones

Jacy A. Lund

Brett and Vickie Richard

Edward and Kortney Holland

Luis Muñoz

Cesar Bautista

Gustavo and Cynthia Gierber

Wendy Davies

Gardnerville residents:

Jeffrey Stuart and Julia Ormanovich

John F. and Vivian Kuhn

Miky Sears

Janelle and Jose Rodriguez

David A. Bradford

Danyle Sheetz

Rebecca Martin Willcox

Minden residents:

Dan and Valerie Wesley

Roger McLaren

Sarah K. Rowe

Debra R. Malott

Jorge and Veronica Zumaya Andrade

Susan and Leo Hanly

Virginia City:

Richard and Leslie Kinsey

Silver Springs residents:

Brian Roberts

Kelly Russell

George P. Russell Jr.