Arlington Square Ice Rink to stay open extra week |

Arlington Square Ice Rink to stay open extra week

Teri Vance
Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

The Arlington Square Ice Rink in downtown Carson City will extend to Jan. 23, a week past its original closing date.

“Last week alone, we made a couple of thousand over our expectations,” said Joel Dunn, recreation operations manager for the Carson City Parks and Recreation Department. “I would expect we’ll have great turnout this week. The weather is supposed to be perfect.”

The rink opened Nov. 26 for its second year of operation. Last year, it was run completely by the Downtown Consortium. This year, the consortium subsidized the rink $140,000 through a tax on downtown property owners, and handled publicity.

The parks and recreation department handled all operations.

Tammy Westergard, deputy manager of the Carson City Office of Business Development, said it was a successful partnership.

“I think it was a really great alliance, leveraging the best of what each department does,” she said. “It just shows that if you can get these great things started, they will blossom and grow.”

Dunn said 6,661 skaters had visited the rink since Tuesday and “we’re just on mark for that $140,000 subsidy.”

During the extended week, the hours of operation and regular programs will remain the same. The final Saturday, the rink will be open from 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

He said the department bought some of the equipment – including the two tents, light standards and sound equipment – in anticipation of the rink returning next year.

“We’re definitely approaching this as if we’re going to be bring it back to the community,” he said.

Westergard said the rink is a nice complement to the other activities going on downtown, such as the farmers market and the summer concert series.

She credits support from the board of supervisors and other partners, like the Carson Nugget, along with downtown business and city residents for the rink’s success.

“It’s about understanding the power of street life year round,” she said. “To keep activity in the heart and keep it beating.”