Asking the experts for the truth on Santa |

Asking the experts for the truth on Santa

Jarid Shipley
Appeal Staff Writer

BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal Eric Boroughs, of Stateline, plays doctor with his daughter Nesta, 3, at the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada on Saturday.

With Santa Claus preparing for his annual marathon flight, several questions lingered about Old St. Nick and Christmas in general. The best place to find answers it seemed was from those who know Santa best: children.

The Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada hosted a baby-sitting event on Saturday night to allow parents some time to buy and wrap last-minute gifts. The children were asked about their thoughts on Santa and Christmas. The questions included what they wanted for Christmas, what snack they were leaving Santa and if they thought they were on the naughty or nice list.

“I am leaving him pancakes and milk,” said Gabriel Allen, 3, of Carson City. “I want a Diego Construction set and a bicycle.”

Gabriel’s dad Lee Allen said he thought Gabriel had a good chance at getting both presents.

Charlotte Constantine, 4, of Tapanga, Calif., said she wanted rollerskates and knew how Santa delivered presents.

“He just gets skinny and slides down the chimney,” Charlotte said. “I’m leaving him chocolate cookies. That’s his favorite.”

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Mathew Coates, 7, of Carson City and Dayton, said, “He goes really, really fast and throws the presents out of the sled and they go down the chimney under the tree.”

Anthony Zeppeiri, 7, of Carson City, had a different idea about Santa’s cookie preference.

“He likes gingerbread cookies and a big glass of milk,” Anthony said. “I asked him for a giant robot because they are always so fun.”

Mathew, who said he wanted an X-box, disagreed.

“I’m giving him gingerbread cookies, but those aren’t his favorite. He likes peanut butter cookies best,” Mathew said.

While most of the children said that the best part of Christmas was the presents, Kasey Faur, 8, of Carson City, had a slightly different take.

“Actually getting to open the presents that have been sitting there,” Kasey said. “The worst part is waiting so long to see what’s in them and waiting for your relatives to fly here.”

Kasey said she hoped Santa would bring her a complete set of Disney Princess dolls (Ariel is her favorite, but don’t tell).

Yet the most interesting answers came when the children were asked if they were on the naughty or nice list and why.

“I’m on the nice list because my brother wanted a guitar, so I put a guitar on my list and then I’ll give it to him,” Kasey said.

Charlotte said, “The nice list. When my mom tells me to go to bed, I always do it.”

Mathew said, “The nice list but I can’t think of why.”

Finally, the children were asked what they thought Santa wanted for Christmas this year.

“Love, that’s what he wants is just love,” Anthony said.

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