Assembly cheers bill on transporting donated booze |

Assembly cheers bill on transporting donated booze

(AP) – Nevada Assembly members are giving the green light to brew pubs that donate their booze to charity.

The Assembly voted unanimously Thursday to pass AB200, a bill that allows the small breweries to transport alcohol if they get a permit from the Department of Taxation.

It clears up an ambiguity in Nevada’s liquor transport laws.

Stories at an earlier committee hearing sounded like Prohibition-era encounters between bootleggers and federal agents. A Sparks-based brewing company was questioned by state officials for transporting alcohol to a fundraiser, and the alcohol was almost confiscated an hour before the event.

Brewery owners said the bill would help them carry out the charitable activities that are a critical part of their business.

Sparks Democratic Assemblywoman Debbie Smith sponsored AB200, which heads to the Senate.