Assembly panel Oks Democratic redistricting plan |

Assembly panel Oks Democratic redistricting plan

The Associated Press

(AP) – An Assembly panel made short work of approving a Nevada redistricting plan after amending the bill to restore a Sparks senator to his district.

The Assembly Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections approved AB566 on Saturday. The bill details maps proposed by Democrats, and it passed on a predictable, party line voice vote. The bill now goes to the full Assembly.

An amendment was approved after it was discovered Republican Sparks Sen. Don Gustavson had moved within his district. Original maps were made using his old address that left him outside the redrawn area. Boundaries were adjusted to keep his seat intact.

The reapportionment issue, however, is likely to end up in court. Pre-emptive lawsuits have already been filed challenging whichever plan is ultimately adopted.