Astronauts turn urine into drinking water |

Astronauts turn urine into drinking water

The Associated Press

HOUSTON ” After several days without luck, astronauts finally ran a successful test on equipment that turns urine into drinking water ” a necessity for supporting the international space station’s crew, which will soon double.

“Not to spoil anything, but I think up here the appropriate words are ‘Yippee!”‘ space station commander Mike Fincke told Mission Control early Tuesday morning, shortly before bedtime.

“There will be dancing later,” Mission Control replied.

Astronauts had spent a frustrating five days trying to get the urine processor working. But until early Tuesday, the machine couldn’t last the four hours needed for a successful test run.

Another urine processor test was planned later Tuesday, shortly after the seven astronauts on the docked space shuttle Endeavour and the three space station crew members woke up.