Bail for Nancy Garrido set at $20 million |

Bail for Nancy Garrido set at $20 million

PLACERVILLE, Calif. (AP) – A judge has set bail at $20 million for the woman accused of kidnapping and raping Jaycee Dugard and holding her captive for 18 years.

In setting the high bail amount, El Dorado Superior Court Judge Douglas Phimister said Thursday that he considered Nancy Garrido to be a “danger to the community and also a flight risk.”

Garrido has pleaded not guilty in the 1991 kidnapping and sexual assault.

Her husband, Phillip Garrido, also has pleaded not guilty. His bail was set at $30 million in September.

Also Thursday, Phimister appointed Nancy Garrido a new lawyer, saying a weeks-long dispute over her representation has sidetracked the case and could aversely affect the defendant’s rights.

The next hearing is scheduled for March 25.