Bank worker accused of embezzling |

Bank worker accused of embezzling

Staff report

A Carson City bank employee was arrested Friday on suspicion of 11 counts of embezzlement after writing a confession and admitting to investigators she had taken money from customer accounts. The total amount taken is estimated to be about $150,000.

Susan Deguire-Piper, 44, of Carson City, had worked as a supervisor at First National Bank on the corner of Carson and William streets since 1997, police reports said.

She is accused of withdrawing money from customer accounts and offsetting the transactions by issuing cashiers checks to her own accounts. She admitted taking money from three different accounts on several occasions, according to Carson City Sheriff’s Department reports.

Officials at the bank conducted their own investigation before alerting authorities.

Assistant vice president of fraud Maciej Kaniewski listed Deguire-Piper as the suspect. When he first confronted her about the missing money she denied any knowledge of the crime, he said.

After further investigation he confronted her again and she confessed, according to police reports.

Kaniewski alleges Deguire-Piper made a $9,000 withdrawal from one victim with a wire transfer to her personal account.

Carson City Sheriff’s Department Detective Bob Motamenpour spoke with Deguire-Piper about the crime.

She said she had been taking money for several months and giving it to her ex-husband, according to police reports.

She is being held at the Carson City Jail on $100,000 bail.

First National Bank will reimburse the victims, according to police reports.