Batmobile takes its place in Nevada Day parade |

Batmobile takes its place in Nevada Day parade

The Batmobile is always a crowd favorite during the 2017 Nevada Day Parade, Carson City, NV
Jeff Mulvihill, Jr./InstaImage/Nevada Appeal | Jeff Mulvihill, Jr.

On any other day, Dean DiLullo is a Carson City businessman.

But on Nevada Day, he’s The Dark Knight.

For the last four years, his 1966 Batmobile has revved up on Carson Street during the Nevada Day Parade, leaving adults with a nostalgic feeling, reminiscing about the Adam West days.

“The best part of this experience is watching the kids light up,” said DiLullo, general manager and owner of the Carson Nugget. “I love it because they love it. But I also get 70-year-olds asking if they can sit in it — it’s a bucket list item.”

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And of course, it fascinated many children in attendance, regardless of age. Carter Bullock, 3, chased the Batmobile as it drove past him.

“Batman is my favorite,” he said. “He’s amazing.”

“The boosters on the car were my favorite part,” said Cutler Scull, 5.

The replica is one of the last of its own kind; DiLullo said he wanted to put an oddity on display when he was in the process of transitioning his ownership from Boomtown to the Carson Nugget.

He heard about an auction event in Scottsdale, Ariz., for a Batmobile, sold by George Barris industries, which specially designed the vehicle for the movies.

The Batmobile at Scottsdale was sold for more than $4 million in 2013.

DiLullo only had so much to bid. He ended requesting a replica.

At the time, there were only seven replicas, including two that were featured in the movies — one of them already demolished.

But the industry offered DiLullo a great deal.

“They told me there’s good news and bad news,” he said. “The good news was it could be delivered in about a week. The bad news, however, was that I was receiving the last one — they would discontinue making them after they crafted the one I was getting.”

With that, the eighth and last Batmobile ever is located inside of the Carson Nugget.

“It’s a good thing for Carson City,” he said. “There’s never going to be another Batmobile made and it relates to the original.”

The Batmobile also can be viewed and is open for complimentary photos at Arlington Plaza today.