Battery, burglary and drug charges end result of alleged shoplifting |

Battery, burglary and drug charges end result of alleged shoplifting

Brian Duggan

A man with three larceny arrests in the past three weeks allegedly tried to steal two pairs of shoes from the Carson City JCPenney on Thursday.

Aaron Memro, 37, walked out of the south Carson City department store Thursday afternoon with the boxes of shoes under his arms when a security guard stopped him.

Memro was taken back into the store for questioning, but once the security guard called the Carson City Sheriff’s Office he suddenly ran out of the office. When he reached the exit he stiff-armed the sliding doors, shattering the glass, but managed to exit the store.

He continued to run northbound until the guard caught up with him and a struggle ensued.

According to the police report, Memro’s girlfriend, Brenda Sweet, allegedly started throwing rocks at the guard until a store manager put her into a bear hug. She dug her nails into his side, broke free and allegedly drove away in a dark Dodge pickup truck.

Memro was arrested at 6 p.m. Thursday on suspicion of misdemeanor petit larceny, battery and destruction of property as well as felony burglary.

He also tested positive for methamphetamine and marijuana

The stolen items amounted to $110. Meanwhile, bail was set at $25,000.

*This story has been updated since its original publication to reflect the source of the story’s information: A police report drafted by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.