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‘Be your own thermostat’

Jake MusselmanSpecial to the Nevada Appeal

As we begin this Advent season, many of us are looking for a miracle in our lives. During the holiday season, we tend to examine our lives and hope for something better. We try to slow down and ask the big questions in life. We try to set aside time to be with family, even when the family doesn’t get along. And as we examine our lives, we realize that we need a miracle.

What is your need this Christmas? Do you need a reliable source of income? Do you need to be physically healed? Are you struggling with depression? Is your family torn apart by petty selfishness? Are you imprisoned by addiction? Do you need better friends? Are you looking for a promotion? Do you feel alone? Do you trust God?

God will provide a miracle for any circumstance in your life. He is the miracle worker; however, we are the ones who set the atmosphere for a miracle. Miracles need the right atmosphere to grow and flourish. God is All-Mighty and All-Knowing, but we can reduce God’s greatness in our own hearts and lives. You can close your life off from

God’s miracle-working power.

When Jesus was on Earth there is an interesting story about him returning to his hometown. As he began to teach, the people began to scoff and question his authority. Then the Bible says, “He could not do any miracles there …” In other words, the atmosphere created by the people limited Jesus’ power working in their lives.

You are responsible for preparing the way for your miracle. You are responsible for setting the right atmosphere. In the circumstances of your life, you are not supposed to be a thermometer; you should be the thermostat. A thermometer reacts to a change in atmosphere but doesn’t have the power to change anything about the atmosphere.

A thermostat reacts and then takes action to change the atmosphere.

As you enter this holiday season, when you are taking time to evaluate and step back to gain perspective on life or when you feel like you are overwhelmed with busyness, remember that you can set the atmosphere for the miracle in your life. In these times, we are searching and more open to the work of God in our own lives. Don’t miss this opportunity set the atmosphere for your miracle.

Jake Musselman is the worship and creative arts pastor at Capital Christian Center in Carson City and a member of the Carson City Christian Ministerial Fellowship.