Best friends forever " NOT! |

Best friends forever " NOT!

Rhonda Costa
Appeal Staff Writer
Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Much like some of today’s young women, this group of friends is inseparable.

They’ve known each other for years, would do anything for each other and of course, have sworn to be “best friends forever.”

Yeah, right. “Until death do they part” would be more like it.

Begun by 15-year-old Danita Bayer, the “Unnamed Acting Company” is producing its inaugural play, “Salem’s Daughter.” Performances are at 7 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday at the Brewery Arts Center Performance Hall.

The company is comprised of eight teens who are seeking a more defined acting experience for their age group. In turn they could help each other with their acting skills. It is open to teens ages 12-19.

“We have performed with theater companies throughout Carson City and wanted to expand our knowledge of theater,” said Danita. “There are acting groups for children and adults, but nothing specifically for teens. So, we now have one.”

Typically, the timeline of a production from choosing the script, reading, marketing, selecting cast and scheduling rehearsals is nearly a year. These young women are bringing theirs about in just four months.

The story chosen involves several classmates who decide to “mix things up” a bit with the town newcomer, Sarah. The play is based on the Salem, Mass., witch trials, with a cast of seven characters. The girls are all beautiful, determined, wise beyond their years, act very sweet and are supportive of each other. But as in many friendships ” things happen. Murder is a lot easier than you think.

“The characters worked out perfectly (to match the cast’s personality),” said Monica Ricketts, 16.

Taking on directing duties is Veronika Avitia, 17. Avitia received advice from Maizie Harris Jesse, who for many years has been involved with the Proscenium Players, Inc. of Carson City. Harris Jesse was invited to give guidance and discuss their work.

“They were full of questions and listened well,” Harris Jesse said. “They asked pertinent questions and I told them the director is the boss. We had a good time.

They were very nice ladies and I hope they do well.”

“She reinforced a lot of what I was thinking, and gave us some good advice,” Veronica said.

“She talked about acting, directing and producing,” added Danita. “We’d like to get other actresses, actors and directors to come in and help us out, offer critique.”

Supervising the girls’ activities is Darla Bayer, Danita’s mom.

“They have done all of this on their own,” Bayer said. “From costumes, to roles, directing, everything.”

Kenni Kinsey, 18, who plays Sarah, is excited the project came from a group of girls.

“Not a teacher or director,” Kenni said. “But us. And that could be inspiring to others that if you put your mind to it, you can do it.”

“We’re all driven to do this,” Danita said.

“And it shows kids can play adult roles, too,” said Melody Rickets, 13.

The show is recommended for ages 12 and older. Tickets are $8 for adults and $6 for seniors and students. Proceeds from the show will be donated to Court Appointed Special Advocates of Carson City.

For information, call 830-7939.

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