Big trucks take out lights |

Big trucks take out lights

Nevada Appeal News Service

Sheriff¹s deputies and Nevada Highway Patrol troopers stopped two oversized trucks that were striking traffic lights as they travelled down Highway 395.

Firefighters reported the trucks hit the traffic light at Mica Drive and Highway 395.

The trucks were pulled over south of Airport Road by the Douglas County Sheriff¹s Office at about 10:45 a.m.

Nevada Department of Transportation spokesman Scott Magruder said lights at Mica Drive and Highway 50 were confirmed damaged by the truck.

“The real danger is that they¹re all interconnected,² he said.

Nevada Highway Patrol and the transportation department are working together to find out if the trucks have an oversized permit and how tall they are.

Magruder said that often the pilot car has a pole that measures the height of things such as traffic lights and power lines, but that for some reason the truck didn¹t go around at the two intersections.

If it is found the trucks were permitted, but did not obey their permit, they will have to pay for the lights, Magruder said.