Bike vs. truck leaves student with minor injuries |

Bike vs. truck leaves student with minor injuries

by Sally J. Taylor
Thirteen-year-old Steven Goodwin is looked after by Carson City paramedics after being hit by a truck at the intersection of Curry St. and Musser St. Tuesday afternoon. Goodwin was riding the wrong way down a one-way street and received minor injuries. His bike was toast.

Schools are in session, and drivers beware.

Extra pedestrian and bicycle traffic increases hazards on Carson City’s streets, as demonstrated Tuesday afternoon by a collision between a bicycle and pickup truck at Curry and Musser streets.

Carson Middle School student Steven Goodwin, 13, narrowly escaped the tires of the Dodge pickup, owned by the Bureau of Land Management. His BMX bike was not so lucky.

Goodwin was bicycling south the wrong way on Curry Street as Tim Kennedy, a BLM employee from Oregon, was heading west on Musser Street.

“The kid came that way and we came that way and we met,” Kennedy’s passenger, Randy August, said while pointing down the streets and still shaking from the close call. August, from Las Vegas, also works for the BLM. “He’s OK and that’s what’s most important. He bailed off the bicycle and rolled out of the way.”

Goodwin, who suffered minor scrapes and bruises, said his foot caught on the bicycle tire as he jumped, sending him rolling on the pavement.

“I tried turning out of the way and saw I couldn’t make it so I jumped,” said Goodwin, who was returning to the middle school to meet friends.

The bike went under the truck’s right front tire.

Police hope drivers will be especially wary this time of year as children are out and about before and after school. They may be scrambling to squeeze a day of fun into the few hours of light left in the day and not watchful of cars on the road.