Board approves employee insurance plans |

Board approves employee insurance plans

John Barrette

Carson City’s Board of Supervisors approved employee health, dental and life insurance plans Thursday that carry a $7.4 million fiscal impact.

The health and dental plans are with St. Mary’s and the life plan is with Standard Insurance Co. There were no rate hikes for dental or life, but the health plan carried 4 percent boosts, excluding about 3.3 percent in federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) fees, for the various options. Only minor changes are being made to the plan design and are due to requirements of the ACA.

The board also amended a contract with Marathon Staffing for temporary staffing services, boosting it from $1 million to $1.5 million before the fiscal year ends. It then approved a similar contract for next fiscal year with the same provider.

In other finance action, the board approved insurance agreements with companies for coverage of excess workers compensation liability, property, government crime, and landfill pollution legal liability at an aggregate cost of $837,359.

A Carson City budget augmentation of about $3.3 million also was adopted in a board resolution. Finance Director Nick Providenti said it’s done toward the end of each fiscal year, explainging it amounts to “reflecting reality in the budget,” which evolved since it was first adopted.