Board to discuss prom at meeting |

Board to discuss prom at meeting

by Teri Vance

After two months of attending school board meetings, Carson High School seniors will be on this Tuesday’s agenda.

“We’re excited that we’re finally going to be there,” said Araceli Madera, senior at Carson High.

A group of students is protesting a rule put into effect this school year that states only Carson High students can attend school dances, including prom.

“You can spend up to $200 for prom,” said senior Ryan Costella. “You don’t want to spend that on someone who is not special.”

Principal Glen Adair said the rule was made as a safety precaution and not meant to punish the students.

In a letter to superintendent Jim Parry, Adair said the administration will not change the policy.

“Changing this policy would only benefit a few but in so doing could possibly jeopardize hundreds of people,” Adair wrote. “This is a risk we are not willing to take.”

Despite the disagreement, both the students and the administration said they maintain a positive relationship.

“It’s good to express your opinion,” Madera said. “You don’t have to necessarily fight to have a different point of view.”

Vice Principal Harvie Walker, who is acting as principal while Adair recovers from heart surgery, said the administration is not angry with the students.

“These are good kids,” he said. “They have a point of view and they have a right to express it.”

He said the administration’s main concern is safety.

“Strictly from our point of view, it is a safety and security issue.”

Regardless of the outcome, Madera said the students have learned a powerful lesson.

“We’ve learned a lot more about how the system works,” she said. “The government doesn’t just work at a federal level but on a local level.”

Also on the agenda:

— Interviews of Family Life Committee applicants.

— Review of the Terra Nova tests for grades 4, 8 and 10.

— Report on the efforts to provide help for those struggling to pass proficiency exams at Carson High School.

— Resolution to join with Western Nevada Community College in naming the Tech Center after former WNCC president, Jim Randolph.

— Update on the time line for a school bond proposal.

The board meets Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Sierra Room of the Carson City Community Center.