Bob’s Texaco becomes a Shell service station |

Bob’s Texaco becomes a Shell service station

by Susie Vasquez

Bob’s Texaco, a gas station on the corner of Carson and Caroline streets in downtown Carson City, is getting a new paint job, pumps and name – Shell.

Bob Lamkin, who is partnering with Shell and his distributor, Jackson Oil of Boise, Idaho, for the project, said he feels great about the change.

“The station will have the same owners and the same great service,” Lamkin said. “And the way I understand it, Shell has the largest credit base of any of the major brands. That should increase our customer base.”

Lamkin, who opened the station with his father in 1979, still does a lot of things the old-fashioned way.

Whether in the self-serve or full-serve line, attendants wash the windshield.

The vintage-size mini-mart won’t change, and three garage bays will still be available for repairs.

The renovation started about two months ago when the building was painted white. Shell’s trademark yellow-and-red sign will be added. For the first time at the station, customers will be able to pay with credit cards at one of six new pumps.

“That’s Shell’s requirement,” Lamkin said with a smile. “My old stuff was state of art 10 years ago.”

The equipment should be up and running before Thursday and the job completed by Jan. 15, Lamkin said.

In late 2001, Chevron merged with Texaco. The latter then sold most of its “downstream” U.S. assets, including all retail outlets. Shell purchased those outlets, and the transition is expected to take about three years.

Shell has rights to use the Texaco trademark at retail outlets for the next several years, but Chevron Texaco’s long-term plans for the Texaco brand are not known, Shell officials said.

Shell retail outlets are accepting Texaco credit cards, and Shell is sending their proprietary credit cards to Texaco card holders as its market re-brands, officials said.

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