Bond committee tours Bordewich-Bray addition |

Bond committee tours Bordewich-Bray addition


The recent rain and snow showers did not delay work on construction of an addition to Bordewich-Bray Elementary School.

“When you’re trying to predict a storm, it’s a crapshoot,” said Jerry Deines, project manager for Bill Miles Construction. “You just roll the dice. We rolled it, and every time we won.”

And he’s hoping their luck continues.

“Our Easter deadline is easily achievable,” Deines said. “All the right things are happening to get done by then.”

Deines led members of a school-district bond advisory committee on a tour through the addition Thursday morning. `

“I think it’s going real well and they’re following through with what they promised voters with the bond,” said Stacie Wilke, a member of the committee.

Voters approved a $3.75 million bond in November 2000 to pay for an addition to the elementary school after five modular buildings had to be destroyed when they harbored toxic mold.

David Ruf has two children who attend the school and he checks the progress of the construction about three times a week.

“I’m very happy with it,” he said. “The guys have been great to work with. They’re always willing to give you information.”

Mike Mitchell, director of operations for the Carson City School District, explained the dimensions of the Nevada-shaped classrooms.

The classrooms are 960 square feet while most elementary-school rooms are between 900 and 930 square feet.

“These are larger, there’s more wall space and it’s more interesting,” he said. “It’s cool.”

Principal Sue Keema is pleased to see the building come together.

“We took a lot of time and effort to do a pretty good job of planning,” she said. “To see it actually happening is exciting.”

The only delay to construction came when the trusses for the roof were two weeks late to arrive.

However, the roof is nearly complete.

“The skylights are on the roof, but the shafts have not been installed,” said construction superintendent Greg Deines. “We’ve got most of the roof up. We should have the rest done by next week.”

The addition is set to be complete by spring break on April 9. Students should attend classes there when they return April 19.

Mitchell is offering tours of the addition to the public. For a tour call him at 283-2120.

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