Bordewich-Bray students help make transition to new addition |

Bordewich-Bray students help make transition to new addition


Students at Bordewich-Bray Elementary School were on the move Friday afternoon.

Carrying desks, chairs, books and other supplies, fourth- and fifth-graders helped make the transition from the Bray building, portable classrooms and Brewery Arts Center into the school’s new addition.

“We’re in Operation Moving Day here at Bordewich-Bray today,” said Principal Sue Keema. “It’s really exciting.”

The addition, built through a $3.75 million bond passed in the 2002 election, consolidates the seven-building campus into one.

The new addition replaces temporary classrooms in the Brewery Arts Center, five portable buildings torn down because of mold and the Bray Building, where first- and second-graders attend class.

Courtney Hemovich, 9, felt some nostalgia as she helped carry supplies into the new classrooms.

“I got to go into Bray one last time,” she said. “It was awesome. It’s like we can see the past, the present and the future.”

Keema said students were involved in the moving process to give them a sense of pride and ownership.

“It’s their school,” she said.

Even if it’s not for very long. The fifth-graders, who helped with the move, will be heading off to middle school next year.

“We’re not going to be in this building for a long time, so it’s cool to help move and see the new building,” said Danielle Navarro, 11.

Volunteers from the school district and community helped with packing and moving Friday morning and students took over in the afternoon.

During the move, kindergartners and first-graders stayed busy by doing learning centers in class and third-graders teamed up with second-graders for special projects.

“The third-graders are keeping the little kids busy so they don’t get distracted while we go in and get the desks and chairs,” explained Skush Alvarez, 11.

Teachers will use Spring Break next week to finish moving into their classrooms. Students will begin classes there when school resumes Aug. 19.

“I’m exhausted but it’s fun,” said resource teacher Stephanie Clark. “I’m moving from a modular so it’s nice to be in a permanent room.”

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