Boy arrested in assault on teacher |

Boy arrested in assault on teacher

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

A Carson Middle School student was arrested Monday morning for allegedly kicking a teacher who told him to stand in a corner.

The sixth-grade boy was taken to juvenile detention on charges of battery and disturbance of school about 10:30 a.m., said Carson City Sheriff’s Deputy Bill Rosario.

According to Rosario, the female teacher said the student was being disruptive in class when she told him to stand in the corner. Rosario said the boy refused to face the corner and continued to turn around. When the teacher walked over and grasped his shirt to have him face the wall, the boy kicked her, he said.

The teacher signed a citizen’s arrest form. Rosario said the incident was witnessed by the class.

He said he’s arrested several students in the past for fighting, but, “it’s a rarity where you have a student-versus-a-teacher battery.”

– Staff reports