Boys and Girls Clubs offer leadership program |

Boys and Girls Clubs offer leadership program

Teri Vance

The Boys & Girls Club of Western Nevada in Carson City is offering a Leaders in Training Program for teenagers 13 to 18 to teach job, entrepreneurial and life skills.

Teen Services Director Todd McCullough said the program teaches the skills that teens may not have learned at home.

“There’s a lot of things they just don’t learn at home,” McCullough said. “We try to help them out with that here.”

During the 12 weeks, participants will volunteer at the center and in the community for five hours a week and will spend one hour a week in a workshop designed to teach life skills such as job training.

As a reward system, the teens participate in a recreational activity such as bowling on Friday evenings.

Pam Poohey, 17, a fourth-year participant in the program, said it has taught her the responsibilities of life.

“I’ve learned how to work, how to get a job,” she said. “It has also taught me to be more patient with kids.”

Not only is the program a place to learn, it also serves as a support network.

“You have your friends in it,” Poohey said. “You’ve all been through hard times.”

McCullough said that most teens participate for more than one year and that after the third year they often find a job.

“The kids will go back out into the community either working for a company or volunteering,” he said.

Interviews are scheduled for next week and the program will end April 21.