Brief: PrePaid Wireless |

Brief: PrePaid Wireless

by staff

AT&T is the first major wireless carrier to announce a new National PrePaid Wireless offer that allows consumers to pay in advance for their wireless calling and be able to make those calls across the U.S. with no roaming or long distance charges.

“Consumers get the best of both worlds with our new National PrePaid Wireless offer,” said Dan Hesse, President of AT&T Wireless Services. “They get the freedom and convenience of a digital wireless phone that can be used across the U.S. with the ability to pay as they go for their wireless usage. Consumers can buy the phone and use it right away. The idea is simple: All convenience, no commitment.”

Prepaid wireless enables consumers to pay in advance for wireless calls in much the same manner as standard prepaid cards allow consumers to prepay for long distance calls. With prepaid wireless, consumers enjoy the benefits of having a wireless phone without the typical credit checks, long-term contracts and billing agreements associated with standards wireless offers.

AT&T’s PrePaid Wireless package recently became available at all AT&T stores nationwide and will also be available in the weeks ahead at select major national retailers.