Brief: storage unit burglary |

Brief: storage unit burglary

by staff

At least 10 storage units were burglarized during the early morning hours Wednesday at Clear Creek Supply and Storage in the 800 block of Clear Creek Ave.

Manager Richard Winegar said two men apparently came during the night to cut the locks and then came back early in the morning to steal items inside the units.

The value of the stolen items is unknown, he said.

“This is one of the biggest ripoffs we’ve had yet,” Winegar said. “We’re still having people come in to do inventory. It will probably be a week before we know how much is missing.”

Winegar said he saw two men near a storage unit he knew did not belong to them. When he went to confront the men, they sped away, nearly running him over.

“They got away but I saw one of their faces,” he said. Winegar added that he and several of his friends are looking for the suspect.

Carson City Sheriff’s Department was notified and the burglary is under investigation.

Winegar said he mistakenly left his pistol in his pickup when he went to confront the men. “If they ever come back in, they’re never getting back out,” he said.

The storage units are currently unsecured, but Winegar expects to install a fence around the perimeter in the future.