Brief: suspect flees |

Brief: suspect flees

by staff

A Dayton man was arrested Wednesday after he tried to flee in a stolen car from a Carson City sheriff’s deputy.

The deputy in pursuit thought Richard Randall Tait, 20, resembled a suspect in an armed robbery. When he tried to pull Tait over for questioning, Tait allegedly sped away.

After a short duration, the report states that the driver “lost control of the vehicle and collided with a fence” in the 3600 block of Graves Lane. The car, a late-model Subaru, had been reported stolen and had fake plates.

In addition to possession of a stolen car, Tait was accused of drug and paraphernalia possession when the deputy reportedly found methamphetamine and marijuana as well as several hypodermic syringes on the front seat.

Tait’s bail was set at $32,500.