Brothel owner seeks rights to famous Mustang name |

Brothel owner seeks rights to famous Mustang name

The identity of the person who bought the Mustang Ranch has yet to be revealed, but another player on Nevada’s brothel scene is trying to stake a claim to the famous name.

David Burgess, owner of the Old Bridge Ranch, is asking Storey County commissioners to change the name of his brothel to the Mustang Ranch.

Burgess is on today’s agenda for a change of business name.

Project manager Terry Randolph said Monday it is the Bureau of Land Management’s position that the federal government owns the Mustang Ranch name until the sale is final.

The property was sold on e-Bay for $145,000 on Thursday. Randolph said until the check is in, the sale is still pending.

The federal government opposed Burgess attempt to change the name of his brothel about seven months ago.

“We believe we own the name and that is what we told Storey County commissioners,” he said. “Because there was a contest, they pulled it off the agenda. We’ll be doing the same thing on Tuesday. Our position hasn’t changed.”

A spokesman for the Old Bridge Ranch said brothel owners plan to present a letter to commissioners concerning the issue, but would not discuss the content before the letter is presented.

Randolph said the high bidder for the Mustang property has asked to remain anonymous.

“We’re hoping that within the next week or 10 days to settle the sale,” Randolph said. “Until that happens we are not in any position to say what is going on.”

The sale included the asterisk-shaped Mustang Ranch brothel building and the rights to the name, according to the Web site.

The property, located along the Truckee River and Interstate 80 between Sparks and Fernley, will remain under the control of the Bureau of Land Management and will provide public access to the river.