Brothel workers raise $4,000 for sick boy by stripping |

Brothel workers raise $4,000 for sick boy by stripping

Karl Horeis, Appeal Staff Writer

Prostitutes from the Moonlite Bunnyranch and Miss Kitty’s Cathouse helped raise funds for a sick boy Wednesday by allowing their T-shirts and lingerie to be auctioned off their bodies at Kathy’s Someplace Else lounge.

Daniel, who turns 4 years old Feb. 20, has an inoperable tumor in his brain tha taffects his right side.

Kelly Barnes, Daniel’s single mother, is unable to work because she spends so much time caring for him.

“Those girls are just completely awesome,” she said of the women who volunteered to help Daniel. “They danced their hearts out and just did whatever else they had to do.”

Col. Pete Cerquitella of Arundel Auctions called out the prices as men and women bid on cutoff T-shirts, lacy panties and purple teddies.

The fund-raiser netted about $4,000, although the effort to raise funds continues with more items being auctioned over the Internet.

Barnes brought in many of the lingerie items and raffle prizes donated by about 50 local businesses. There wasn’t enough time to go through the raffle prizes, however, because the scene got a little chaotic during the women’s performance.

“It got a little risquZ, and I had to stay pretty well on top of it,” said Kathy Aguirre, owner of Kathy’s Someplace Else.

Jones has a cabaret license, which would have allowed total nudity, but that’s not what she had planned.

“I had asked them to keep G-strings on and, bless their hearts, they did not come prepared for that,” she said. “They really worked hard. They just worked in a different way than I expected. I’ve always kept it pretty classy in my bar.”

She said she has talked with the owners of Daddy Dick’s and Mo & Sluggo’s about possibly doing a poker run as another fund-raiser for Daniel.

His mother needs the funds to pay for his treatment, which is mostly cancer-fighting foods and vitamins.

“I’m going all organics, no drugs, I’ve weaned him off all the drugs he was on,” she said. She did five chemotherapy treatments, but couldn’t stand to watch him get so sick.


To help with Daniel’s medical care, tax-deductible donations can be sent to Angel Kiss Foundation in the name of Daniel Morrison, 150 Ridge St., Suite 3 , Reno NV 89501.