Browns celebrate 50 years of marriage |

Browns celebrate 50 years of marriage

Cecile and Orrin Brown will celebrate 50 years of marriage today.

Fifty years ago on Nov. 25, 1962, Orrin P. Brown and Cecile Cain said “I do” and they have been inseparable ever since. This weekend their family joins them to celebrate their golden anniversary.

Orrin “Bud” Brown met Cecile in town as she was walking with one of their mutual friends. On their first date Bud took Cecile out for a nice dinner at the JT in Gardnerville. He kept in contact with her and, being the joker that he was, told his buddies from the Sheriff’s posse he was going out “to see if he could pick up a girl to go on a Jeep ride” out in Jackson. When he returned with Cecile, the guys were pretty impressed. Little did they know he had called her before the outing and asked her if she wanted to come out for a Jeep ride. His friends didn’t find out until well after the couple had married.

Bud and Cecile are both retired. Bud does wood working projects and Cecile spends her time working on quilt projects and the newsletter for the St. Gall Catholic Church. They have two grown daughters, Tracy and Lisa, and three granddaughters.

They say the key to marriage is, “a reminder that love is not disposable but requires dedication and patience, an example for which we are so thankful.”