Bryan commends FTC concern about unwanted sales calls |

Bryan commends FTC concern about unwanted sales calls

by staff

WASHINGTON – Sen. Richard Bryan, D-Nev., has commended the Federal Trade Commission for its concern about protecting customers from unwanted sales calls.

Bryan strongly supported the Telemarketing Sales Rule that prohibits telemarketers from calling people who have previously asked not to be solicited.

“Obviously, people want their privacy and view many of these unsolicited calls as an invasion of that privacy,” he said.

He urged people who don’t want such calls to let the representative calling them know they want to be on that company’s “do not call” list.

The legislation prohibits unsolicited calls to those who have said they don’t want them and puts limits on when solicitations can be made.

It also requires telephone solicitors to clearly and promptly disclose the purpose of the call.

The Federal Trade Commission this week held a public forum to review the “do not call” provision of its rules.