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Budding artists show off work

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

by Karl Horeis

Sitting in a tiny chair at that little table with those fourth graders so intently working on their art, I was giddy as a schoolboy. Even though I dream of someday reporting from global hot spots for National Geographic, I was totally captivated reporting on an art project last week at Fritsch Elementary School.

Each colorful drawing – from zebras and praying mantises to honey bees and tree frogs – was a masterpiece. It was so refreshing being with the young artists. While they have yet to be technically trained, they are more spontaneous and unconstrained than many adults.

I couldn’t wait for the show of their work the night of Jan. 28. All the work produced by 13 classes of first- through fourth-graders was matted and displayed. Proud students showed off their work. The line of families going into the gym extended 50 feet out the door.

“It’s just like a real gallery opening,” said Suemi Atherton, the South Lake Tahoe artist who taught all the classes. Budding artists ran excitedly past as she walked the halls with her son.

The project was funded by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Nevada Arts Council. Parent Teacher Association member Mindy Breeding helped write the grant application.

“I really want to thank the Nevada Arts Council and Principal Dave Aalbers for supporting us,” she said, pushing a stroller. “Hopefully, we can do more art in the future because I know the kids really love it.”

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While they were ringing up my English breakfast tea at Java Joe’s Jan. 29, I was staring at those fresh-baked scones. Baristo Brian Maxey recommended the strawberry and white chocolate.

It was perfect, probably the best scone I’ve ever had.

My dad used to make scones on Sundays with boysenberries or blackberries embedded on top. For years, I’ve been disappointed by the dry, hard scones I’ve tried. Nothing compared to Dad’s moist, fresh Sunday bounty. Nothing, that is, until I tried John Davis’ strawberry and white chocolate.

It had the perfect combination of sweet moisture and fresh-baked flakiness. The way the reddish-pink from the berry stained the buttery dough made my mouth water. Sprinkled bits of crunchy raw sugar and flour added texture. Each piece, I broke off and consumed more slowly – not wanting the scone to be gone.

“Where did you learn to make scones like that, man?” I asked John as he carried supplies inside.

“Karl, I’ve been making scones for about 10 years now.”

Here’s to 10 more years. At the start of last month, I wrote that my New Year’s resolution would be to get up early and read the newspapers over tea before work. I ought to change it to “get up early and eat John’s scones over tea before work.”

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Virgil Hammond and the film crew at Carson’s Black Forest production company were hired to film the Smash Mouth concert in Reno on Saturday. I talked to Hammond before the concert.

“The footage will be used in an MTV music video,” he said.

I haven’t had a chance to see how it went, but it’s nice to see Carson getting its piece of the pie.

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