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Burglaries happening on Carson City’s west side

Nevada Appeal staff report

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is asking for help from the public in reporting suspicious activity.

According to officials, several daytime residential burglaries occurred in the last few weeks on the west side of Carson City. Despite the crimes being witnessed, no calls were made to law enforcement, Furlong said.

“We need people to call us if they notice something suspicious,” said Sheriff Ken Furlong. “You know your neighborhood better than we do so you know when something isn’t right. Don’t be afraid to call us; we enjoy responding to those suspicious subject calls.”

Furlong said deputies have upped the priority of the suspicious subject calls, so when residents report it, a deputy will be dispatched faster.

“We had three day-time burglaries that were very brazen, but people who saw this happening were so inquisitive about it, they called each other, but they never called us,” Furlong said.

The Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public to report all suspicious activity and obtain license plates on suspicious vehicles if possible without endangering themselves. Anything actively occurring should be reported to 911 or to the non-emergency line at 775-887-COPS.