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Business briefcase

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BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal

You Call We Haul

2299 Dori Way


Name: James Mortensen

Position: Owner

His business: He halls debris, cleans up yards and helps people move.

When and why he started: He started the business in June 2007 because “I had free time and I had a pick-up (truck).”

Why people use his service: Some people can’t afford to do the work on their own, he said, some are too busy and some just don’t want to it themselves.

How business has been: He said he was really busy when he’s started, but recently business has slowed down because of the economy. “This year has been hit and miss,” he said.

His biggest job: He said he cleaned five acres of someone’s property in Reno – mowing, raking and cleaning up. To do his job, he said, “you just put your mind to it.”