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Business briefcase

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Kreative Golf Cars

5244 Highway 50 East, Suite B


Name: B.J. Barnhurst

Position: He co-owns the business with his brother, Dennis Wartenbee

The business: They make solar-powered street-legal hot rod golf cars.

How he got involved: He’s been in the race car and hot rod business for 40 years. He had a “brain storm” about two years ago about how effective and important solar power could be for transportation.

Custom options for the cars: Car lift kit, stereo, graphics, rear window, heat and air conditioning, tilt chrome steering columns and other features. The cars go up to about 30 mph. “It comes with the whole nine yards,” he said.

Cost of the cars: Between $20,000 and $25,000. Barnhurst said it’s easy for owners to recoup their costs, however, because replacing the battery every six years is the only additional cost involved.

How the city could help: It could widen bike path lanes so golf car drivers could use them. It would take a change of attitude, he said, but it’s needed.