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Business Briefcase

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Amy E. Alterations and Dressmaking

1048 Ridgefield Drive


Name: Amy E. Goggiano

Why she started: She opened her business this month because it has been something she wanted to do her entire life. Goggiano was a state employee but thought the state’s budget problems provided her with a good incentive start her own business. “I thought, ‘Why not give it a shot?'” she said.

How she learned: Goggiano said her mom taught her some sewing, but most of what she learned was self-taught. One of the ways she learned was by making costumes for plays when she went to Carson High School.

What an appointment is like: The customer picks out the fabric for the dress and helps choose the design for it. Goggiano said a dress fits better than one bought at a department store because “everyone’s body shape is different and the sizes don’t reflect that.”

Why someone would want a clothing alteration: She said people are finding it hard to get money to buy new clothes and often it is easier to just repair the clothes they have.

Why she was attracted to dressmaking: She said she likes the idea of working with customers to create something they will love.

What her favorite kind of dresses are to make: Formal dresses for occasions like prom. She said she likes to work with flowing materials like satin.

What look is popular now: She said classic 1950s looks are always popular, like “poofy skirts with slim waits.” Those looks are timeless, she said.