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Business Licenses

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Business licenses issued in Carson City as of Oct. 30

Arundel Auctions LLC, 2315 N. Carson River Road, new auctioneer, Arundel Auctions LLC, owner.

Cid-Rodriguez Cleaning Special, 1247 Woodside Drive, new cleaning service/janitorial, Cesar Cid-Rodriguez, owner.

Club De Nutricion, 1802 N. Carson Street, Suite No. 253, new consultant, Club De Nutricion, owner.

El Taco De Oro Grill and Catering, 1475 Old Hot Springs Road, Suite 6, new restaurant/fast food/pizza takeout, El Taco De Oro Grill and Catering, owner.

Gamepath LLC, 3470 GS Richards Boulevard, new consultant, Gamepath LLC, owner.

HFRM II Inc., 1470 College Parkway, new business/ commercial rentals, HFRM II Inc., owner.

J&J Stucco Lath and Plaster, O of T, new contractor lathing and plastering, J&J Stucco Lath and Plaster, owner.

Jay Pierettis Handyman Service, 424 E. Long Street, new handyman repairs only, Jay Pieretti, owner.

Kevin DeWolfe, 1015 Chaparral Drive, new appraiser land, jewelry, art, Kevin DeWolfe, owner.

Modas Esmeralda, 1982 Hwy 50 E, new sales, Christina Oecerda, owner.

Nevada Controls LLC, 5576 Bighorn Drive, Suite B, new manufacturing, sales and service, Nevada Controls LLC, owner.

Nevada’s Best Awning Co. Inc, O of T, new contractor, Nevada’s Best Awning Co. Inc., owner.

Parkers Yard Clean Up/Hauling, 405 Boulder Drive, new handyman repairs only, James R. Parker, owner.

Sierra Poolscapes, 372 Sunchase Court, new contractor concrete, Sierra Custom Concrete LLC, owner.

Stanley Security Solutions Inc., O of T, new contractor, Stanley Security Solutions Inc., owner.

New firms listed in Douglas County as of Oct. 30

Affordable Snow Removal, 308 Cedar Drive, snow removal service, Capstone Construction, owner.

At Home with JM Furniture, 911 Topsy Lane, retail furniture sales, Todd Werner, owner.

Creative Concert, 1346 Victoria Drive, concert promotions, Dennis Lee Butler, owner.

Dantex Computer Systems, 1418 Patricia Drive, computer repair/technical support, Daniel J. Haanpaa, Diane Haanpaa, owner.

Forex Media Network Co., 400 Dorla Court, J Wiggins, signatory, John Galt Line LLC, owner.

Hilgendorf Distributing, 149 Kahle Drive No. 1, wholesale/retail, WIlliam Hilgendorf, owner.

IHUNT, 1420 Industrial Way No. 4, internet business, Richard Walter, owner.

M Sord Masonry Inc., 1066 Sego Circle, masonry, Marc Duryee, owner.

Nevada Retractable Screens, 2222 Park Place No. 3D, retractable screens, Mad Mgmt Inc. dba, William Gaunt, owner.

Sharon L. Cook, 3668 Summer Hill, notary public, Sharon L. Cook, owner.

Sierra Santa, 915 Springfield Drive, service, Paul Voss, Elizabeth A. Voss, owner.

Smith-Evans LLC, 1071 Clear Crest, real property acquisition, Michael Smith, Karen Smith, Daniel Evans, Amanda Evans, owner.

SST Limited, 3691 Quail Run Trail, floorcover measuring, Steven Charles Thompson, owner.

Stacy’s Choice of Beauty, 642 Bluerock Road, skin care products, Stacy Devries, owner.

Staged Excellence, 421 Andria Drive, staging, Bemely Gomtes, owner.

The Hot Spot, 204 Ray May Way, retail, Ashlee McKenzie, owner.

Tranquility Realty, 261 Fredricksburg Road, real estate, Barbara M. Chylak, owner.

Wass Family Corporation, 1071 Oro Way, corporate filings, Terry L. Martinez, owner.