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Business Licenses

Business licenses issued in Carson City as of May 29

Amplitude LLC, O of T, new out of town business, Amplitude LLC, owner.

Brian’s Handyman Service, 1100 Stonewall St., new general business, Brian Sheldon, owner.

Carson Aviation Adventures LLC, 2640 College Parkway, new general business, Carson Aviation Adventures LLC, owner.

Christian Landscaping Services, 1878 Empire Ranch Road, new general business, Marco Meza, owner.

Clickmotion LLC, 711 S. Carson St. No. 4, new resident agents, Clickmotion LLC, owner.

Davis Company Inc., O of T, new contractor, Davis Company Inc., owner.

DCS Window Cleaning, 625 College Parkway, new general business, David Souza, owner.

Dominguez Handyman, O of T, new out of town business, Cecilio Rodriguez Dominguez, owner.

Downtown Coin, 111 E. Telegraph St., new general business, Daniel Wilson, owner.

Ecouter Designs, O of T, new out of town business, Landon Roser, owner.

Elizabeth Xavier Insurance, 3130 Silver Sage Drive, new general business, Elizabeth Xavier Insurance, owner.

Mandel & Associates, 1894 Highway 50 E, new consultant, Mandel & Associates LLC, owner.

My Best Friend, O of T, new out of town business, Maureen Collins, owner.

Sierra Design Heating & Air, 1350 Conestoga Drive, new contractor, Sierra Design Heating & Air, owner.

The Green Keepers Lawn & Handyman Service, 12 Century Circle, The Green Keepers Lawn & Handyman Service, owner.

UTV Outlet.Com, 1175 Fairview Drive, new general business, Turnkey UTV LLC, owner.

V&M Locaters, 3792 Northgate Lane, new general business, Vernon Achenbach, owner.

Wash Your Troubles Away, 199 Marsh Road, new window cleaning commercial and residential, Lawrence Lopez, owner.

New firms listed in Douglas County as of June 2:

CB Lawn Maintenance, 679 Joette, lawn maintenance, Carlos Benavides, owner.

CA Department of Arts & Talents, 400 Dorla Court, no firm type given, Lad Youth Talent, Servando Martin, owner.

Coach Rod 1st, Sport & Scholastic, 2309 Fremont Avenue, fitness consulting/training, Robert L. Robison, owner.

CSC Financial Group, 400 Dorla Court, no firm type given, Free & Clear Ltd, Chad Pierce, owner.

Designer Nails, 1528 Highway 395 No. 212, nail salon, Merrill Schumacher, owner.

Dr. Design & Marketing Services, 1111 Wisteria Drive, marketing services/graphic design, Douglas Reynolds, owner.

E Payment Alliance, 1625 Highway 88 No. 303, professional service, Scott Hyde, Gregory Evans, owner.

Gold Star Detailing, 3165 Highway 395, detailing, Steven Hawkins, owner.

Goodman Elements & Minerals, 157 Pine Drive, jewelry, Larry Dee Goodman, owner.

High County Biker, 1508 Highway 395 N No. B, motorcycle shop, Joyce Aguiar, owner.

Jim & Glos Enterprises, 1745 Fir Tree Circle, detailing, Clayton J. Kelso, Gloria C. Barbosa-Kelso, owner.

Johnson Plumbing, O of T, plumbing, Stephen Amos, owner.

Koki’s Treasures, 1450 Riverview Drive, retail, Ruth Mattingly, owner.

Lake Properties Realty, 152 Highway 50, real estate, Tom King, owner.

Management Business Services, 400 Dorla Court, no firm type given, Golden Hills Finance, Matt Wiggins, owner.

Moises Lawn Services, 1501 Highway 395 South, No. 50, lawn maintenance, Moises Rotonda, owner.

Open Clothing, 1682 Sunshine Road, distributing wholesale, John Paul Belt, Jason Groffman, Marco Gooding, Louis H. Groffman, owner.

Scott Meek & Son Concrete Co. Inc., O of T, concrete-contractor, Scott Meek, Donna Meek, owner.

Stir Wellness, O of T, health nutrition, Innovative Product, K. Heckend, owner.

Studio D Hair Salon, 100 McFaul Way, Suite D, hair salon, Dawn Stackpole, owner.

Trowbridge Masonry, 1643 Zaldia Drive, masonry, Chris Trowbridge, Mark Trowbridge, owner.

Two Guys Landscaping, O of T, landscaping, Elisiel Aguilar, owner.

United Properties II LLC, 2528 Business Parkway No. 14, real estate investments, Robert M. Faiss, Dennis L. Long, Mary Faiss, Kim Long, owner.