Business owner takes it all off – of furniture |

Business owner takes it all off – of furniture

by Susie Vasquez

After more than 20 years as a golf course mechanic, Paul Brunner became a stripper – of cars and furniture, that is.

Exceptional Dry Stripping provides eco-friendly removal of paint and other coatings from wood, fiberglass, steel and other surfaces. Known as plastic media blasting, the process uses tiny beads of recycled plastic.

“I like working on old cars,” Brunner said. “It’s similar to sandblasting, but it’s done with plastic media at low pressure.”

“He’s doing what he enjoys,” said his wife, Debbie. “Unfortunately, he’s a perfectionist so it can drive him a little crazy.”

“We just finished some kitchen cabinets for an interior decorator,” Paul Brunner said. “We also do high-end restoration work for a local body shop in town.”

Finishes can be removed from furniture and antiques without scratching. By directing the stream of plastic at an angle, new wood can be distressed to look old.

The tiny spheres are reused, but after 20 to 30 cycles they turn to dust and must be replaced.

“But the dust isn’t toxic,” Paul Brunner said. “You can dispose of it at a landfill.”

Rust must be removed with a combination of super-fine steel shot and a powdery form of iron oxide.

Brunner hopes to eventually add walnut shells because their oil is good for wooden antiques.

The process costs about $100 per hour, and one piece of furniture takes about 45 minutes to complete. Kitchen cabinets usually take six hours.

“It beats sanding by yourself,” Debbie Brunner said.

Brunner purchased the 4,300-square-foot shop at 5055 Metric Way four months ago. He’s on site about five or six days a week, 10 hours a day.

For information, call 883-2121.