Business plans to bring 200 jobs to Dayton |

Business plans to bring 200 jobs to Dayton

Dave Frank
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer

A Minnesota-based ski manufacturer plans to open a plant in Dayton and

eventually employee 200 workers, according to a company representative.

The Hart Ski Corporation is working to get the money to open a plant that

will make skis and snowboards, said company representative Jake Jakubowski.

Kris Holt of Carson City-based Nevada Business Connections will talk about

the ski company and other new, potential and expanding businesses in the

Carson City area this morning for his private business recruitment group.

Another potential new business includes mining equipment manufacturer

Minatura, Holt said. It would have about 15 workers and a shop in Carson city,

he said.

Jakubowski said few ski manufactures exist in the country because of labor

costs. Building a plant in Dayton is smart for his company, however, because

it puts them close to popular Lake Tahoe ski resorts and could help bring in


The U.S. dollar is weak compared to the European Euro, he said. This would

allows foreign customers to buy equipment from the Dayton plant for a

discount, he said.

The Hart Ski Corporation, official supplier to the U.S. freestyle team, is

also committed to building in the country, he said.

The more than 140 jobs gained over the last seven months Nevada Business

Connections has been open was exciting to watch, said Holt, executive

director of the group.

“This is the real deal these results list,” he said.

Holt has stressed the need to encourage and focus on Carson City’s small

manufacturing business, which is the highest per capita in the state.

The slow economy seems to frustrate the successes in the city, he said, but

he is selling Nevada as hard as he can on his recruitment trips.

Among the leads he’s recently listed is a California sporting goods

manufacturing that might set up in Carson City and hire about 60 people.

But Nevada’s business laws don’t look as good as they used to compared to

California, he said.

The state and especially Carson City still have an advantage, however, he

said, and he hopes to help bring the city through the slow economy.

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